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Think you can match the moves of the King of Pop? Time to show your stuff and prove it!

Michael Jackson The Experience website

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Michael Jackson The Experience is a Sony PlayStation 3 Party Fun game, written by Ubisoft Montreal.

Guide to Michael Jackson The Experience on the PlayStation 3

When it comes to the music scene, there is no other artist who has been able to change the face of music industry as much as Michael Jackson has. His death in 2009 certainly was a shock not just to his friends, family, and fans, but to the entire music and entertainment industry. To honor his huge imprint on the music industry, a new game has been developed to help fans relive his musical glory once again on the PS3 via the Michael Jackson The Experience.

A video game trailer for The Michael Jackson Experience debuted during the 2010 Tokyo Game Show wherein gaming fans were treated a short glimpse into what this title has in store for them. This rhythm game is delivered to fans by Ubisoft wherein you can make your dream of becoming like the King of Pop a reality.

This Spring, put on your dancing shoes as The Michael Jackson Experience is bound to add more musical sensation on the PS3. The best part about this new game from Ubisoft is that it does not limit itself to a musical game, but rather shifts into a full performance gaming. Fans have seen dancing games in the past, and so have they singing games. But these two together? Rarely. And this is what makes this game truly stand out as it will be the first time that both singing and dancing will be simultaneously integrated into a single game that will offer a whole new challenge, even for Michael Jackson fans.

The integration of the PlayStation Move technology into the PS3 version for The Michael Jackson Experience has already been confirmed. Meanwhile, PS3 gamers will also get a microphone peripheral to go with it since they will exclusively get a separate singing mode for this version.

All of the dance routines that were incorporated into this game were all developed from scratch. However, Michael Jackson's videos will be played on the background to provide dancing inspiration for all gamers performing the song. The choreographers who developed these dance routines for the game were also the same dancers who closely worked with Michael Jackson himself, when it comes to his dancing routines. Thus, this is the closest that you can get to performing like the music icon himself.

There are two scoring options available for Michael Jackson The Experience, which will be categorized depending on the skill level of a player. One is for Michael Jackson, which is for highly skilled dancers or gamers. And the other one is for Backup Dancers, which is intended for casual gamers only. You must follow the dance move prompts that appear on the right of your screen, while those playing via the Michael Jackson scoring option must follow the dance move prompts shown on the left side of the screen. However different the scoring option you have chosen, the video on the TV screen will always feature Michael Jackson himself with three backup dancers.

The Michael Jackson Experience has incorporated all the latest technologies in gaming control systems, such that it has been revealed that this rhythm game will also be using the new Playstation Move controller. However, there are no specific details given yet about how the Move will be used for this game.

On the technical aspect of this game, there are a few issues encountered with the visuals. It has the tendency to become a bit blurry or indistinctive. However, this seems to be done on purpose because Ubisoft wanted players to focus their attention on the onscreen avatar to make it easier to follow dance move prompts. Sadly though, beginners might encounter a learning curve with this one as the prompts are difficult to understand and follow at the beginning. How much more when you also have to integrate the singing aspect to it? However, it could all take a bit of practice until you learn how to master your moves according to the prompts and be able to focus on the singing aspect simultaneously. You can rest assured though that it will be a fun learning process.

Michael Jackson's career and music will be forever immortalized through this game, which honors some of his best tunes of all time. Now, PS3 fans will get the unique opportunity to sample those hits and recreate his trove of dance moves that only the King of Pop can introduce. With these songs immortalized and reintroduce to the future generations via this rhythm game, then you can expect his legacy to live on.

Michael Jackson The Experience Game Features

* Fun rhythm-based games allow you to enter the universe of the most successful entertainer of all time
* Unlock collectable memorabilia and learn about each item's history in Michael Jackson's extraordinary career
* Exclusive rotoscopy technology showcases authentic choreography with incredible precision
* 3 difficulty levels make the game accessible to everyone, including younger fans

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